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Cristal Aqua Disinfection and Dosage is a company with more than 10 years of experience in the import, marketing and distribution of products specialized in water treatment and, especially, in the disinfection and dosing of water for swimming pools and spas, public and private, as well as hospital water, irrigation water and cooling towers.

In Cristal Aqua Disinfection and Dosage we address, with the help of our installers and professionals, all those services included in the disinfection and dosage projects that have to do with the water of swimming pools or Spas such as:


Instalaciones race

Installation of any disinfection and dosing system.


Maintenance of aquatic facilities

piscina ramon y cajal instalaciones

Installation of complete wastewater treatment plants, above ground or underground. Private and Public.

Bombas de dosificación MP2

Change of pumps, filters and sand for filtering glass.

Gredos San Diego moratalaz, HidroSmart

Solution of any problems you may have in the sewage treatment plant.


Replacement of pressure pipe valves
up to 300 DN

Como mantener el pH equilibrado

Solution to pool water quality problems


Installation of covers and sunscreens

desinfección y dosificación

Installation of Heat Pumps for swimming pools

Piscina Casvi

Supply of products associated with the maintenance of a public or private swimming pool.

Cristal Aqua, The Future
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Cristal Aqua distinguishes itself by working with highly qualified personnel and state-of-the-art disinfection and dosing technologies.

We apply these technologies internally when working with automatic control processes, both in sales and project management through state-of-the-art CRM technologies, as well as in facility management, thus guaranteeing a clean and controlled process in customer management, from your initial contact until delivery of the final project to the customer, or in company with our installers and professionals.

Cristal Aqua is serious about keeping up to date with the latest technologies in the field of Disinfection and water dosing, to date, some of our technologies allow the domotic management of water from any technological device and soon we will be able to automate the following processes of maintenance and control of the water parameters from any device
Tablet or PC:

  • Water Ph control

  • Rx Potential Control

  • Free Chlorine Control

  • Water conductivity control

  • Control of disinfection by salt electrolysis

  • Control of disinfection by hydrolysis of the water

  • Ozone disinfection control

  • Disinfection control by automatic dosing

  • Probe calibration control

  • Control of CO2 in the pool tank and installations

  • Water temperature control

  • Control of the boiler or heat pump of the pool or facility.

  • Water turbidity control

  • Control of metering pumps

  • - Control of the filtration pump operation taking into account one, several or all of the following parameters:
    - Type of pool and legislative obligations to which it is subject.
    - Water temperature.
    - Redox potential of water.
    - Free chlorine in water.

  • Management of the electrical efficiency of the filtration pump, which can save up to 60% of the electrical consumption of the installation.

  • Control and management of the cleaning of the pool filters

All this with open IOT technology with double information screen, one of 3″ and another of 10″ removable to be able to take it with you or to use any Tablet of the customer or individual.

LOGO hidrosmart

is an innovative product that bursts onto the market of the

TOTAL control of water indicators

breaking the mold, it is a new technology that will provide us with additional benefits and functionalities that are totally innovative in the sector.

To whom we address

Private pools

Individuals with a swimming pool can choose which product they prefer for the disinfection of their pool depending on the quality of the water provided by each one, from our domotic system. Oxymaticgiving us a spring water quality, passing through our salt chlorinators. Saliclorto our systems of Ozone y automatic dosing.

water 163821

Public swimming pools

When working with public swimming poolsIn addition to the quality of the water, it is also possible to make extraordinary economic savings that may range from 100% reduction of the chemical liquid in the glass, passing through a 45% – 60% savings on bills The savings in electricity consumption due to better use and management of the purification pumps, to the time savings that a pool maintenance professional needs to do his job efficiently.

What are the Public Swimming Pools we are talking about:



Sports centers

Wellness Centers


Communities of neighbors


Nursing homes


Qué es Cristal Aqua


Water disinfection and dosing is necessary in any human activity where this natural element has a role to play. Cristal Aqua, through the use of hydrolysis, ozone and automatic dosing technologies, deals with water treatment projects in the following applications:
  • – Disinfection and control of Hospital Water dosage.
  • – Disinfection and dosing control of cooling towers.
  • – Disinfection and control of irrigation water.
  • – Disinfection and dosing control in bottling plants.
  • – Disinfection and control in Industrial Laundries.

A team of trained professionals
to give you a solution

equipo Cristalaqua



equipo Cristalaqua

Jose Carlos





equipo Cristalaqua





TOTAL CONTROL OF WATER INDICATORS. New technology that will provide us with additional benefits and functionalities that are totally innovative in the sector.


Method of disinfection by which the disinfectant is generated from the water to be treated through a process of electrolysis.


Water treatment, healthier, purer, perfectly disinfected, without odors or tastes, which does not irritate the skin or irritate the eyes.


High performance metering pumps for the control, measurement and automation of chemical elements.


They allow the extension of the electrodes' useful life both in Hydrolysis and Electrolysis or Salt Chlorination.

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