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The ecological descalers Cristal Aqua allow the extension of the useful life of the electrodes of both the hydrolysis produced by Oxymatic and the electrolysis or salt chlorination produced by the Saliclor equipment.

Limescale accumulates naturally in the places where water flows, tap water naturally contains diluted minerals such as calcium carbonate and magnesium, the amount of these minerals in each liter of water is what determines the “hardness” of the water.

Limescale on electrodes of the equipment decreases efficiency of these and can reach up to burn and consume them In a short time if it becomes clogged in the electrodes, this causes that through the lime some electrodes can come into contact with others producing a rapid consumption of these and annulling the production of chlorine.

Limescale starts as a cloud and creates layers that end up forming small hard stones. The longer it takes to remove these initial signs, the more difficult it will be to remove them.

To avoid this and make sure that our electrodes do not suffer in their production of Hydroxyl Ions (Oxymatic) and Sodium Hypochlorite (Saliclor), These descalers will prevent lime scale from adhering to the electrodes in such a virulent way, extending their useful life and favoring the production of the disinfectant element in turn.

The installation of these descaling agents does not avoid or eliminate the obligation of cleaning the electrodes, doing a preventive maintenance, this maintenance can be done in a few minutes putting the electrodes in a solution of 50% industrial bleach with water, 20 minutes in this solution and the subsequent cleaning of the remains of lime with a soft bristle brush or an electrode cleaner, will allow us to have clean electrodes and to extend their life and ensure their efficiency.

Our descalers are manufactured specifically for each installation depending on the diameter of the discharge pipe where they will be installed, is placed in the discharge just before the water passes through the electrodes of the equipment, when the water passes between the desincrustaste, it triggers a magnetic phenomenon of opposing forces that decompose for a short period of time the lime in the water significantly reducing the aggressiveness with which normally the lime adheres to the electrodes.

It is important to note that the descalers are not descalers, which are a much more complex process that you can see in the corresponding section on this website.


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